Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All in a day's work

This morning I had an appointment for Emma to go to the doctor. She started back with her lovely cold about 3 days after coming off of her antibiotics. It's been 2 weeks in settling in . We've been kindof busy and I was hoping she'd kick it on her own, but no, I called Fri to get an appt this morning to bring her in. Of course in the stretch of the weekend Micah has come down with it and Brianna too. Big time. Not just the little runny nose they got 4-5 days ago. No, COUGHS (deep and yucky), big time green boogers, and a bit of a fever just for fun. And they didn't stop there, no way. They shard with Mommy too. So... 3 sick kids and one not so well Mommy- and one well kid and a Daddy at work. Fun fun stuff.

Mom came and watched K and Bria this morning as I brought Emma in for the aforementioned appointment. I called and let them know that Micah would be coming in too because he was having enough trouble breathing over the weekend that we considered the ER and decided on breathing treatments at home. Luckily they worked, but I wanted him seen.

Only one hour later- impressive- and two kids had made it through the doctor's office. Emma has a bulging ear drum. I've already been told by the ENT that her adenoids are likely the cause of all this gunk, so we expect it to continue coming back until they're out. But the bulging eardrum, OW! Micah's ears are a little better- a little red but not too bad. His chest is what 'worries' the ped though. Me too. I don't like hearing him struggle to breathe! So he now is on nebulizer treatments every 4-6 hours. Both of them are on Omnicef (sp?) which is a stage 3 antibiotic. Fun. And because she doesn't want to see me later this week she gave me a script for Brianna too. I thought that was awful nice of her. I don't really want to see her later this week either. If the breathing treatments don't do it for Micah then she did say to come back tho. And he'll end up in the hospital. AGAIN.

So... all in a day's work:

Two copays to bring kids to the pediatrician: $60
Three prescriptions for antibiotics: $33
A refill of Zantac for spitty man: $15
Dishwasher soap (because we ran out) from Walgreens: $4
A snot-free home (I HOPE!): PRICELESS!!

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