Thursday, May 15, 2008

God's been working overtime

When we got home from Ukraine I went through SOME of the paperwork left for me that had come in the mail, but a week later finally got to a paper saying that our homestead was not being renewed on the house we own and we had until the WEEKEND BEFORE to have filed the correct paperwork to prove we are still eligible. Well, I called the office, explained the situation, let her know that I would mail it ASAP and then filled out the paper.

I just found it. Unmailed. Set aside. OUCH. But... here's the God part.

After I found that I continued searching through all the 'lost' paperwork that I didn't find until now from the past few months of people putting mail in all kinds of fun places. This stack was on the bins by the front door. From late April. Oops.

Ok, well in there is another letter from the property appraiser's office saying "THANK YOU for the reply and included is your official RENEWAL RECEIPT". Hmm... I HAVE the reply. I KNOW they don't. But... our homestead is renewed and I have the paper to prove it :)

Yep, God's been working overtime for us!

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