Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A promise

About 9 months ago God made us a promise. He said to us "I will provide for all of your needs if you will follow me." He made that promise well before that, but 9 months ago He reminded us of this promise when He asked us to step out in faith to commit to an international adoption of a sweet little girl with Down syndrome.

Throughout those 7 months of the actual adoption process and time in country God proved faithful and provided time and time again. Sometimees it was financially, sometimes emotionally, sometimes physically, and sometimes He provided when there was no other way to make it through. He kept his side of the bargain, and we kept ours.

We've been home for almost 3 months now and I was reminded 3 different times this week that God didn't say "I will provide for you for a little while if you will follow me." He didn't say "I will provide for you and then you can do it on your own after that." He didn't say "I'll provide and then walk away and turn my back on you- good luck." No, He did indeed say "I will provide for all of your needs if you will follow me."

I have to admit here that I don't feel like I've been such a great follower some days. Some days I hollar "WHY DID THIS HAPPEN THIS WAY, GOD??" and some days I think "NOT THIS!" but mostly, I just wonder what He's up to and try not to think of what the next day holds. Seriously. Enjoy now. Know tomorrow's under control. This may seem like a good outlook- and it can be sometimes emotionally (or can be rather destructive long term...)- but I don't feel like it takes a whole lot of faith. In fact, I'd say it takes a lot less than fessing up and facing the future. I pretty much chicken out there lately. I need to work on that, I know.

But regardless, I do know what the possibilities are around the corner- both the good ones and the bad ones. And I realized that God is good regardless. Here's what I mean.

When He said "I will provide for all of your needs if you will follow me" He didn't put on the stipulation that I had to be happy about it, calm about it, or that I never was allowed to wonder, or question. No, and it's a good thing too. Because I have those days.

Well, this past week or two I received three blessings that I had no way to expect. Five different people have fulfilled God's promise to us, some of them anonymously. Four were financial blessings. A check, 3 gift cards to Wal-Mart. The fifth was a box of diapers. "I will provide for all of your needs if you will follow me." It was a promise. It still is. Thanks Becca, Fae, Don, and Birgitt for being vessels of provision for our family and a reminder of His promise to never leave us nor forsake us.

Have you claimed God's promises for your family lately? Ask him. You might be surprised what He says.


  1. Hi Meredith, and sometimes God allows you to "speak" for Him what he wants others to hear. I needed to be reminded of all those things right now.
    Even when I don't say hi, I think about you all everyday and pray all God's blessing for you.
    Love, Kelley

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  3. Your words are so true for us too. Thanks for you honesty. We have enjoyed watching your time in the Ukraine and now your time at home. What an awesome mother you are. I know you don't need praise, but sometimes it just makes us feel better. I know you are just doing what God has intended. And you do it so selfishly. Here is our blog about our up and coming trip to the Ukraine to adopt our daughter (we hope)

  4. Here is the blog site.

  5. What a fantastic post! I agree with your friend Kelley who said that God uses you to deliver His messages to other people (even people like me who you don't even know.)

    I love reading your blog. You have a beautiful family and your faith is a beacon to more people than you can even imagine.

    peace and blessings to you all,

  6. Thanks I needed to hear this tonight. We adopted Sarah, our daughter with down syndrome, a year ago and have started the adoption process again. I was feeling stressed about the financials, but God has led us in this direction and we know he will provide. Thanks.


  7. Thank you Meredith for sharing your faith. I have definitely had my days that I wonder how we will continue to make it without me working and God continues to provide for us too. I am currently in the process of final plans for a missions trip to Africa- totally OUTSIDE OF MY BOX. God will open the door if I am meant to be there, I have no doubt.