Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today- and Brianna's new wheels

Emma's smirky little smile (and WILD hair!)

001 003 004

It appears to me that in the picture below they are BOTH trying to pick their nose.  Doesn't it look that way??


Brianna got some new wheels during PT yesterday!  Now... to figure out how to USE them :)  At the moment she wants to lean on the 'backrest' while attempting to go forward.  I need to break open some tennis balls for the back feet, too, so it will slide better.  This was her first time using it at home :)



  1. HeatherY from NYMay 14, 2008 at 6:45 PM

    My Josiah is borrowing a similar one from his PT (he has cerebral palsy). He needs something with more support (a seat to rest when his legs get tired), but is getting the idea of what to do when he is ready to walk. We are borrowing it until his gait trainer arrives. She is going to love it. Once she gets the hang of it, she is goign to be all over teh place. I hope you and she enjoy this new mobility.

  2. Adorable pictures! Both your girls are getting so big!

  3. Awesome!!! way to move brianna!!!

  4. How cool! Hopefully she will learn to manuever it quite well!

  5. Oh Meredith, you will LOVE her new wheels! Not sure if you remember the ones that Ethan had when we were down there, but we switched to a bigger version of that and now to the one Bri has- just bigger. :-) He was doing so well with it! We're in a funk the past couple of weeks, so we are giving the wheels a rest for a week and then we start fresh again next Tuesday. But, that walker is awesome. I took it to CA in March and it was the easiest traveler!

  6. We got mayson a reverse walker and she is loving hers! Looks like Brianna does too!!