Saturday, May 24, 2008

By the end of the day

I'd given 8 baths to kids. The four this morning- Micah, Emma, Brianna, Micah. Little man puked all over then rolled in it. EW.

This afternoon we went for a HOT walk and then a dip in the pool so all the kids climbed into Mom and Dad's BIG tub and got all clean after swimming. Just in time for church. And... since Mike and I both took showers this morning then again after the pool, that would be a total of 8 baths and 4 showers in this house today. What can I say, we're just CLEAN people ;)

Tonight my sister, Elizabeth, is coming into town! She's staying with us tonight and part of tomorrow then spending the next few days with friends in Orlando. She'll head back our way on Wednesday until Fri or Sat and then head back home to Minnisota. This is my wonderful best-sis-in-the-world that gave up a month of her life to come watch K and Bria while we were in Ukraine so I'm looking forward to getting to introduce her to the two little ones she did it for :)

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  1. "We're just CLEAN people"

    ...or really dirty people who require extra bathing! LOL!! I am so kidding! :)