Monday, May 26, 2008

Pictures speak louder than words

Elizabeth is here!  She brought some Minnesota gear for each of the kids :)

 003 006 (awwwwww)011 012

(no... they're not twins- it's a baseball team!)

And best of all she WRAPPED IT :)  (yes, paper is the best part... videos later!)


Kristopher wasn't sure, at first, if we were leaving again- since last time Elizabeth was here we took off for a month.  Brianna was obviously confused too.  But in the end they both love Elizabeth anyway ;)

015 028

We hung out with my parents some as well

020 021 023 

And played a little DDR

024 (yes, a video to come of that too!)

Elizabeth will be back on Wednesday but is spending a few days with friends in Orlando.  We're glad she is here!

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