Friday, May 30, 2008

the meds- update

Blowing in her face didn't work. All we had was a mommy that wanted to pass out after hyperventillating. Plus today I woke up sick. Glad she's the one that gave it to me or I'd be worried I shared germs last night. Aparently that's not our answer :( Tomorrow I'll try some strawberry syrup. I did put our "giggle ball" by V-tech on her chest this morning and push buttons on it and she gagged the meds down without screaming. I think she thought I was crazy instead :) Tonight she was crying before I even sat down to give her the meds. She saw me coming. What can I say, the kid's smart! Anyway, thanks for the suggestions- keep 'em coming!


  1. Oh wow! Clever little girl!
    I am completely stumped!

  2. I haven't read the other suggestions, so I apologize if this is a repeat, but, are the meds all liquids? Can you put them in a bottle with some juice? That's how I got my daughter to take them. (I actually gave her a sippy cup with about 2 inches of Coke and her meds mixed. The coke masked the taste of everything, plus it was a super treat to have soda.) Emma probably would not like the soda yet, but a strong juice???

  3. I lucked out. (if you call a ng-tube lucky) Sawyer was on a feeding tube while he was being medicated. Now, though, the only way he'll take an antibiotic is if I have the pharmacy flavor it with bubble gum flavor. Even then, it's hit or miss sometimes. Hiding it in cola/juice doesn't work in this household, since any of them are likely to pick up the other's sippy cups. (it's getting better though on swapping cups) Plus, they never complete a glass at one sitting. I agree though the coke/sprite might be a neat enough treat that it might work. Will hiding it in pudding work?

    The way you give her meds, it like the way I used to have to brush Sawyer's teeth. I laid him between my legs and kept his arms pinned with my legs while I brushed. Usually, he was screaming so loud I could get the teeth really well.

    Good luck,

  4. Ok, Lily is extremely picky about every little thing that passes her lips. For example, she only eats at the most 10 things and they are all basically beige in color. We use little tricks, but these are tricks that I have done over the years to help her stay fairly calm. I am always worrying she will aspirate on medication because she is flipping out. So, what has worked for us is singing. I sing her favorite song. ABC's are her favorite right now. If my husband is around I will have him hold her and I will even sign the ABC's (she loves to watch me sign it) while singing. I do use a syringe and place it in the back of her mouth against her cheek and do small squirts. I make sure she swallows before doing another squirt. I tell her she is almost done when she is almost done. This seems to help her know it is about over. Afterwards, I always have juice ready to sip (if she wants it) to rinse the taste away. It is a 3 -ring circus, but I can get pretty much anything down her doing it this way.
    HTH, Liz :)

  5. It sounds like you do pretty much what I have to do. I cradle my daughter in my left arm like a baby, with her one arm pinned behind my back. My left arm pulls out her cheek so she can't spit out the medicine. My right hand holds her left hand and puts the medicine in her cheek. I keep her cheek pulled out and blow as it goes down her throat. Sometimes if she's being extremely difficult, I plug her nose and blow as I'm still holding out her cheek. Best wishes!!

    PS My daughter is 5 and I still have to use this method sometimes.