Friday, May 02, 2008

I just wrote the check

Which PAYS OFF our adoption loan! We have been home a total of 8 weeks (today!) and we now have ZERO debt from the adoption. GOD IS GOOD!!

Let me tell you just HOW good God is, may I?
Our adoption initially was estimated to cost about $17,000. Wow, we said, when we saw that number, but we committed to Sasha anyway and we knew that God was doing this. When we added a second child and 2 weeks on to the trip it ended up costing over $27,000 (from my rough figures). Yes, a $10,000 difference. But... once again... God was doing this. My mantra through it all has been that "money can't make our decisions, God has to, and what He sets in motion He'll provide for." Wow, provide He did!

Today, not really knowing why or how God has provided everything for us, we can throw up our hands and celebrate God's goodness.

This is also another opportunity for us to say THANK YOU to the many people who have contributed to our adoption. We know you are the vessels that God used and we are so VERY grateful!

What a blessing this is for us, especially knowing that healthcare may get expensive soon and we no longer have to juggle two sets of expenses together. All in God's timing!


  1. That is wonderful news! I know that has to make you feel really good!

  2. What a very awesome testimony you have - I have hopped over from another blog and your children just make me smile. Congratulations on your wonderful family!

  3. Congratulations!!! That is the greatest news and it has to be a terrific feeling too :)

    cathy and the crew

  4. Amazing!!! Congratulations!!

  5. God has certainly had both of His hands on your adoption journey! I know that I have looked at the dollar amount needed to adopt and think to myself- there is NO WAY that we could ever afford to do that! Thank you for sharing and confirming to everyone out there that GOD is GOOD and that through Him ALL things are possible.

  6. WOW...Meredith, thank you for helping me to see how active God is in people's lives.