Monday, May 19, 2008


Ok, so no pic's to accompany this post (sorry) but here's what's been happening at the Cornish home...

Micah's new tricks: holding his own bottle (YAY!) and getting up to a sitting position himself (YAY!!). He's staying sitting pretty well but still rolls off his little round bottom and then sits back up again. He really has chunked out a lot! He has learned how to avoid hitting his head on the floor- a noble feat- and is doing great!

Kristopher just asked me if he could watch TV now that his rest movie was over. Sure, why not, everyone else is just sleeping. So he changes through the 5 channels we get and says "I don't want to watch cartoons, I want to watch about everything that's happening outside today!" Yes, my 4 yr old wants to watch the weather/news. We've had a lot of fires nearby and he's actually been getting up and wanting to watch the news to see the firefighters and the helicopters dumping water down on the flames. No, we don't otherwise let him watch the news tho. *I* don't even like to watch the news, especially when the kids are around!

Emma decided to stay up until 1am yesterday. I thought when you said something publicly about your kid they were supposed to prove you wrong, not exaggerate the situation? So when I posted yesterday that she went to bed late, she should have gone right to sleep that night. Or not. Now she's napping and I'm tired!

Brianna had a rough start to the day. First off, she's caught the 'cold' that Emma's had for the past two months. E's been on 2 rounds of anti's already but usually keeps it to herself. This time Brianna wanted to join in the fun I suppose. So Bria woke up coughing and came to my bed with me since it was just she and I awake and I figured we'd turn on cartoons in there and not wake anyone else. Oops. She scooted away from me to sit up after a few minutes and then she tumbled off the bed. She's fine, but was shaken up (me too) and cried through my quick shower and then was 'off' all morning. She's napping now and ate a good lunch so here's hoping...

Tomorrow M and E havd ENT appointments in the morning and then E has an ortho appointment in the afternoon. Both 30 minutes from here (in the same building) but there will be at least 4 hours between their appointments. I guess that means we're coming home between. Sounds like I'll be spending the day driving and waiting!


  1. Yay for Micah! Emma sounds like a night owl! Glad Brianna is fine. And K sounds very mature!

    Maybe you can stop by the other doctors office before leaving and asking if you guys could be seen soon or not. Otherwise, have fun driving and waiting!

  2. Sounds busy and active. What's the latest on Emma's cardio 'stuffs'? Any news on next available appt?


  3. Hello! I am a long time reader. I love your kids, they are so beautiful! I hope you don't mind but I was catching up on a few posts today and put this together. I hope you enjoy it. :)