Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alas, my patience wears thin...

No, not with the three littlest ones, but with our big little man, Kristopher.  He tends to be this way for a few days after an 'adventure' but today was a bit overboard.  Oh wait... last night too...  Anyway, our four darlings are in bed and hopefully to stay!

Today was a flurry of activity with KAD (this is their last week), a stop in to the church bookstore, grocery shopping, lunch with Mike, naps and playtime, dinner, and finally a short trip to our local "mall" (aka hall). 

I did have a few bright spots in the day- other than of course the smiles and fun that four kids provide (it was just one that was being trying, after all!).  Today I received a gift certificate from my Aunt Dot and Uncle Walt out in California.  It is to the IKEA store to purchase two hammock swing chairs!  Remember them?  Thanks so much!!  I know the kids will love them!  Also, while grocery shopping I bought myself a new blender.  Our old one squirts "stuff" out of it from near the blade-- not a good thing!  Mike said he'd get me one for Mother's Day so I was holding off... but I suppose that was in jest ;)  He said he'd never live it down if he really did!  So I got a $25 Oster, not too bad of a price and it will make the smoothies that we make up for the babies (especially the big baby- Mike loves them!) :)

Tomorrow we don't have any plans, except to get my big little man back into shape and LISTENING again!

So, you ask, what could sweet precious little angelic Kristopher do to get Momma so bent out of shape?  Here are a few examples from the day...

Shooting his suction cup gun at Micah

Holding the suction cup dart over Micah's eye

Holding Micah's nose and saying "breathe through your mouth" to him repeatedly as Micah stared at him (he lost the dart gun and dart... and yes, those all happened within 2 minutes of one another!)

Throwing a large round bouncy ball in the house (you know those huge bouncy balls from Old Navy??)

Throwing a ball at his sister

Throwing a ball at his other sister

Throwing a ball at his brother

Hitting his mother with a ball (he lost the ball!!!!!)

Pinching his sister with his new "claw grabber"

Putting the claw grabber in his sister's face (he lost the grabber!!!)

Unpacking the bin of toys he's been told are "put away" for a while

Hiding the pieces of those toys he wanted to keep out

Wetting his pants (another fun part of the "day after an adventure"...)

Oh, and did I mention that all of these happened between 3 and 5pm?  Yes, he went to KAD this morning, got home around 1 and everyone "rested" from 1-3.  At 3 the terror turned on and lasted up until dinner.  He had many antics for the evening too but they weren't as fun as the morning ones since we went out after dinner...  Tomorrow will be a better day... Tomorrow will be a better day... Tomorrow will be a better day...


  1. Tomorrow is always a better day! Devin has lost all of his trucks (bigger than the matchbox cars).. he has no brothers/sisters to harass, so he beats up on our 2 dogs. Boys are so rough sometimes! And they think it is funny! But, tomorrow the sun will shine on a new day, one where (*hopefully*) your little K-terror will be his sunshiny-self!

  2. Michael still loses his toys for being in his sisters faces with them - and he's almost 12. Sorry, older brothers are just that way. I am sure he will be as angelic as he looks tomorrow. Tomorrow is, indeed a better day...

  3. I think your K and my Avery have a lot in common! Scott did the Up High vacuuming/cleaning for me on Mother's Day. There were spoons on top of the entertainment center, Avery says they accidentally flew up there. I wonder if he helped! I wish I could say it will get better, AJ is 7!

  4. Sorry it was such a trying day for you - tomorrow will be better!!

  5. Oh we need to get him and Mercede together!! lol I forgot to mention on my blog and Mercede and I had a go around this morning. Forgot about it til I read this. She was screaming and refusing to do things. My staff upstairs hear it and even called me to see if things were okay!! (guess they think I was beating her, was close to it though). Also I told the girls to get out to the car. So then 15 minutes later I go outside to take out the trash and Mercede and Cheyenne are sitting in my van. Opps, I forgot to say "Bus" not car!! thank Goodness the bus was late.

  6. So glad the gift arrived in the time frame suggested. I didn't want you sitting home day after day. Enjoy, enjoy. Send pictures so we can see.
    Happy Mother's Day to you.
    Patti is (when she gets a moment) sending you something fun.
    Love, Aunt Dottie

  7. Welcome to "I want Mommy's attention back!"

  8. Oh, the attention bug is stirring his head! Been there with Mason too ... for us, it was lack of sleep on his part. LOL. A good taking away of the TV in his room did that trick! LOL. Here's hoping it gets better quickly. :)

  9. Okay I know it isn't funny, but it made me laugh when he said "breathe through your mouth". :) My 7 year old Mason is forever getting toys taken away for putting them in people's faces too!