Friday, May 09, 2008

Life with babies

2 days- know how I can tell?  Two of Brianna's cups :)  She uses one all day and it goes back to the fridge between.  She only drinks milk/pediasure so that works!  Too bad that doesn't work for baby formula ;)

Yes, they're dirty.  Someone jokingly said "you must do loads of dishes with just bottles" and quite simply, the answer is YES.  I was going to wait until I had them clean to take a pic, except that then inevitably they are being USED :)  So dirty it is...


I think there's about 30 bottles, 2 of Brianna's straw cups, 1 of Kristopher's sippy cups, and 2 kids cups without lids.  Then that container on the top rack would contain the 30 nipples.


As you can see, I like PAPER plates ;)  those containers in the back are for mixing 1/2 day of formula for each of the kids.  30 rings in the silverware basket along with the spoons used to make the bottles.  Can you tell we eat a lot of cereal? 047

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  1. I can so relate to this scene! When the triplets were babies, that is exactly what our dishwasher looked like! Now my house is overrun by sippy cups (but at least they stick with the same cup all day at this age).