Wednesday, May 07, 2008

4.5 hrs and 3 blood draws

This morning my mom came over and helped me finish getting the kids ready, then we left for Orlando for blood draws for the three little ones. Mike's mom kept Kristopher and they went to the library, store, and the park. After an hour driving we arrived, Two hours later we left, 15 min for lunch (in the car), and another hour home (plus picking up K). WHEW. E, M, and B have now had their successful blood draws for thyroid testing and each with ONE STICK! It is worth the drive for that!!

Brianna's been on an eating strike and now seems to be a bit better because she ate breakfast this morning. Who knows what's up with her!

And can I just say, I'm SO GLAD that Mike comes home tonight!! He was home for a week and then left again this Monday for Atlanta. The original plan was for the kids and I to come up too and we would be meeting Andrea and staying with her and her family while Mike attended the conference. We also hoped to meet up with the Ficken family that lived with me after Mike left in Ukraine (Mike did have lunch with them today, but the rest of us missed out :( ). Some last-minute changes in plans left us unable to go. I am bummed. But we've had a good few days here anyway and I think tomorrow we will take the kids and go to the zoo! We haven't been in quite a while and it would be a fun family outing. Mike has taken the day off (I think) so we will all be able to go together. YAY!!


  1. Meredith,
    Sorry I don't get to keep up with your blog as well as I used to but I always enjoy it when I get to read. Hope you had some good family time today.

  2. We drive an hour (up to Tampa) for a "one stick" blood draw too! It is an incredible pain in the butt, yet so worth it compared to having blood drawn here. Glad it worked out for you!

    Kelly S