Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Literally. K feels the need to announce to the household when he needs to poop. Yay. He's only 4 so we say "ok, go" and don't make a big deal of it. I walked by the bathroom and see him standing to pee. TMI? Sorry, you shouldn't have read past the title. So I comment "you can't poop standing up, son." I didn't wait for a reply and went into the girls' room to get Brianna. She was standing in the crib waiting for me. I sniffed. "Ok, so she CAN poop standing up."

Maybe that's the up side to antibiotics? It honestly scares me to see the big bold words on the side of the container that say "WARNING: MAY CAUSE DIARRHEA." But I guess in contrast to constipation maybe it's just good 'ole normal poop? I wouldn't know, the 3 on anti's are always constipated it seems.

Are you sorry you read past the title yet??


  1. Poop has been the topic of conversation many o' times in the Morgan household. If I could just understand Daniel's fascination with it, I think I'd be better off!

  2. My Georgia had this issue on antibiotics just a couple weeks ago. Yogurt helped A LOT!!!!

  3. I laughed to myself yesterday when you said they were taking Omnicef. My daughter had to be on that stuff for 4 weeks to get over an ongoing sinus infection. I knew yesterday what you were in for! Just laugh and remember "this to shall pass". :)

  4. Ok this is funny. I walked in on Sam the other day, he is also 4, and he was standing up to pee. I have never seen him do this and asked where he learned it. He said "myself". Kids are so funny!