Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Don't take cooking lessons from me

Step 1: open cabinet
Step 2: look for edible food
Step 3: forget dinner, make bottle
Step 4: remember dinner, look again in cabinet
Step 5: rescue baby from snotty nose and bottle attack
Step 6: go look for nebulizer
Step 7: wake up sleeping girl because it's 5pm
Step 8: make another bottle
Step 9: start water boiling
Step 10: give breathing treatment
Step 11: find pasta
Step 12: add to boiling water (along with a little more water- it boiled out)
Step 13: START TIMER (the most important step)
Step 14: add 23 distractions....
Step 27: remove pasta upon hearing timer
Step 28: strain
Step 29: microwave sauce because you forgot to heat it
Step 30: serve and eat- no need to cool, it's not hot anymore


  1. Hey, I can totally relate to this schedule!! I do enjoy reading your blog!! Your babies are all just precious.

  2. Oh you poor girl. If I lived close to you, I'd make you and your hubby a nice dinner. ((hugs))