Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So... what do YOU do when the doorbell rings at 8:55 and in your mind you can't think of anyone that should be arriving this morning (I have to go down the list to make sure I've not forgotten someone!). Two kids are eating breakfast, one is naked and saying he's "getting dressed" and the other is playing happily on the floor. And Mommy? She's waiting for the two to finish eating so she can go take a shower. (read: is still in the t-shirt and shorts she slept in and hasn't brushed her hair)

So I look through the peep hole and find a Terminex truck parked in the street. A man in uniform a few feet back from the door. I really did debate not answering the door, but I think he wanted to do the termite inspection which means he might just have a look-around the outside if we don't answer... which then means I'll feel stupid for not answering the door!

Hesitantly I did answer it. After all, my clothes are decent so other than a bit of a disheveled look he has no idea that I slept in them. He does say he's there for the inspection. Of course it's all still under my parents' names because they still own the house, but yes, at one time I was Miss Pocock. Fine enough, he'll take a look around outside.

With that I got some decent clothes on and sent Kristopher to finish dressing himself. I know part of the inspection is inside and I also don't care what he thinks of my house, so I grabbed the kids' clothes and with that the doorbell rang again. Yes, he'd like to look inside, especially in bathrooms and other areas there's water access. Fine and dandy, he can start in the master while I dress Micah. He's pretty quick and comes to the kitchen where Brianna is still eating breakfast. He says hello to her and she's awful happy to have him greet her! She was hoping it was one of her therapists coming to play, I could tell by her motion when the doorbell rang and I didn't pick her up!

I pointed him toward the laundry room and scooped Micah up off the changing table. He came back in- now having seen Kristopher and Brianna and I'm holding Micah and says "wow, you sure do have your hands full!" Maybe he'll excuse the fact that we are all in disarray at almost 9 in the morning?? My automatic response "In a good way" brings him a smile and a quick nod. He stops in the guest bath and he comes out as I'm dressing Emma. "WoW! Do you have twins?" Now I realize that this seems like a lot of interaction with a bug man, but I talk to EVERYONE (yes, I'm just like my mother in that respect ;) ) so it doesn't bother me. After all, this guy has possibly been doing inspections on this house for the past 18 years... my parents have several "regulars" who they know by name that do maintenance on the house and have for a long time. We found that was true of the man that fills the gas tanks anyway!

I told him that no, there's no twins. We have two by birth and two through adoption and they are all very close in age. He gets a broad grin and says "my wife and I adopted two children." What a neat man. Anyway, he finished up, explained the paperwork and the termite policy, explained why it's still under my parents' names and how to change it when we finally do close on the house. And then he stopped mid-kitchen to say goodbye to Brianna (still eating...). He looked over at me and said "You know, you and your husband are awfully special people to adopt those kids. You'll be blessed." "We already are..."

What a neat man. Not exactly what I thought I was doing at 9 am. No, I didn't get my shower (I think I missed that opportunity until nap time). But I go to see a glimpse into someone else's life and show him a glimpse of mine.

You know what's neat though? It's neat that he never once asked "what's wrong" with my children. Didn't comment on their size (even tho I told him their ages). He didn't ask their diagnosis. It didn't matter. He may have wondered, but sometimes respect is keeping your mouth shut. I wonder if he realizes that I noticed? Not a questioning look, not a sideways glance. Just a smile. I wonder who has touched his life with a disability that makes him so comfortable in saying 'hi', asking Brianna what she's eating for breakfast, and saying "aww, she's shy". Just like any other kid.


  1. Meredith,
    You have had a really busy morning already! You never know who God is going to put into your path and when. He seems like a very nice guy.

    mom c

  2. Isn't that wonderful? Don't you just love people like that? I,sometimes, feel myself getting tense, just waiting for the comment/look. It's nice just to have people say "HI" and nothing else. He's a special person!


  3. What a neat experience!

    What do I do when the doorbell rings unexpectedly? Depends if I'm wearing a bra, lol.

  4. I too get tense waiting for the look that comes when people notice the quirky behavior that comes with autism (in our case) and that our daughter is 5 and doesn't talk. What a blessing it is when we come across people who show us love. And what a blessing it is that our eyes have been opened through our children of the beauty inherent in every person.
    ps- I applaud you for opening the door, sometimes I just don't and then feel dumb later :)

  5. Hi, only had terminex a short time. Have met the man you refer to though. They should call before coming and they did not call here. Glad you had a good experience. Love, Mom

  6. I love that guy! Of course, I've never met him, but from your description I can tell that I love that guy!
    Blessings to your beautiful family!

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