Saturday, May 10, 2008

My sensory Mirror

When Brianna started really exploring her world I made her this mirror. It consists of a floor length (cheap from Wal-mart about $7, super light weight too!) mirror, some 'matching cards', some pages from a cardboard book that had been eaten, a rear view mirror "fish eye", Both sides of velcro, large furniture pads (for the bottom), and wall protectors for door knobs.  All are attached with either their own sticky stuff or spray adhesive (except the 2 pooh matching cards that already got pulled off).  Brianna really likes it and the other two are enjoying it as well!  Originally I was going to mount it at "standing height" to encourage her to stand and secure a bar nearby for Brianna to pull up on.  We never got that far but have gotten a lot of use out of it anyway!  And as you can see, it could use a little Windex but at the rate that gooey fingers get to it I'm not so sure it's worth it ;)


Here's some closer pic's:

079 080 081 082


  1. A wish from the heart, a whole lotta love and hugz
    HAPPY Mother's Day !

  2. Happy Mother's Day!!

    A few gooey fingerprints never hurt noone!