Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some encouraging news and a prayer request

I shared on yesterday's post that Emma should be having a T&A (tonsils and adenoids removed) as long as the cardiologist approves it. I debated sharing this because I don't want to say "this is the answer" because it might very well not be. But then I thought... why not share anyway? And just take this as it is-- a possibility for God to use to make things better :)

Research shows that enlarged (remember, Emma's were HUGE) tonsils can cause elevated PH (pulmonary hypertension). Emma also is experiencing brief periods of sleep apnea during the night. These, too, can cause elevated PH. When Emma was first diagnosed with PH I received an e-mail from someone whose child had PH and was considered inoperable. He had a simple tonsillectomy that made the PH lower enough to have surgery. I've not held on to this as a viable reason to have a T&A, but when the ENT said that her tonsils were huge... well, my antennae went up!

I won't count on this to lower her PH much. It may not affect it at all. I am well aware that her PH is from YEARS of damage due to the heart functioning the way that it is. It's not a problem that's going to go away. But maybe... just maybe... this will help to lower the PH enough to make surgery less of a risk for our little sweetheart. Maybe this is the break she needs. Maybe.

So, my prayer warriors, if you would, please say a prayer that the cardiologist will approve the T&A surgery, and that it will, in fact, improve Emma's PH. And while you're praying, please say a prayer that a Dr. Johnson (new name, haven't mentioned him here before- retired cardiac surgeon and family of a reader- THANK YOU BETH) will be able to give us some more insight as well. We've forwarded Emma's medical records and cath to him and are hoping for his opinion in the next few weeks. We know we've been surrounded with a blanket of prayer and the covering is felt. Please keep them coming!

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  1. Hey Meridith! This is exactly why Darah had her T&A. Darah's weren't enlarged though, but she does have severe sleep apnea, so we're wondering if that was a culprit in her PH. We follow up with cardiology in July and have a follow up sleep study next month. If Darah's sleep apnea hasn't improved, then we go full force with having her wear a CPAP at night to prevent apnea episodes, hoping that helps her PH. I hope that she gets the relief she needs and those pressures decrease with this surgery!