Saturday, May 31, 2008

All the Twins

Well, Minnesota twins that is...

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And some play time outside:

003We brought Brianna's walker outside and practiced walking in the driveway for a little while.  It sure is difficult to transport!  It does fold, but piling it up on the triple stroller seems to have worked.

 004  Don't you love our plush beautiful grass?  I have to say, I'll trade the SHADE for the grass any day! 

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022Micah liked the swing best when it wasn't swinging.  Weird, since he pretty much takes all of his naps in the swing inside!

 019 023  

029    Kristopher picked up all the branches as I trimmed the Azalea bushes- he piled them all up in the can, great job buddy!




This one's one of my favorite pic's of Brianna.  No matter that she's covered head to toe in dirt, I love that the joy on her face is captured!  Plus, it's pretty cool that it focused well on her grin with the movement of her hands and feet ;)

037 Ahh... all clean :)


  1. Speaking of twins, you and your sister look almost like twins! Weird. That is your sister, right?

  2. Oh my, Meredith! I have to agree with Charissa. I looked at the picture and thought, "Oh, look at Meredith...she looks so pretty, but her hair looks dark here" and then I saw that it was your sister. Whoa!

  3. okay, I thought that was you, until I just read the other two comments!! lol

    Oh, today I am picking on you on my blog!! hee hee

  4. Great day!
    :) Debi
    ps My "grass" looks like yours. LOL