Thursday, May 01, 2008


Today's been a whirlwind of a day! It began with... SLEEPING IN!! I got to bed around 12, slept until 5 when Mike woke up from Micah's crying and came around the side of the bed and asked if I thought he was hungry. YUP! Why else would he be crying at 5am?? So he fed him :) And I went back to sleep! Mike asked around 7:15 or so if he needed to help before he left for work. Nope, I went back to sleep :)

Finally around 7:40 I got up and dressed and started breakfast (waffles in the toaster and bottles in the warmer). Then I got K up and dressing, Bria woke around then and got her up, then Emma while the other two ate, and finally Micah woke up just after 8! I don't think that kiddo has slept past 7 since coming home!

Anyway, after a GOOD night sleep we got going a little late, but Kristopher had Sonshine days at his KAD program this morning and it doesn't start until 9. Brianna's class still opened at 8:30 but there was no reason for her to be there that early. I dropped both of them off to Mike and my mom at the church around 9:05 (oops!) and quickly drove back to my house to pick up the medications that I'd put in the syringes but not given to the kids ;). Then off to the Children's Center for Micah's evaluation for services.

Surprise! He qualifies! :) Micah will start physical, occupational, and speech therapy NEXT WEEK! How's that for quick?? Actually, it worked perfectly because each therapist is just adding 30 min to the time they are already at my house and coming for 1 hr instead of 30 min. Not too bad for scheduling! I'm so amazed at what he is doing already and I know gross motor is going to be one of his strong points!

After that we beelined it back to the church to enjoy a pizza lunch with K and Mom had picked up Bria to join in too. It was nice and breezy but warm and beautiful! Then home for naps and... doctor phone calls!

During nap time I read the mail and found that the orthopedic appointment that was scheduled as an "emergency visit" and squeezed in for Emma is... 2:15 May 20th. The same day that both E and M were to see the ENT in the morning and had eye appointments at 2 and 3. The ENT is still fine, but the eye doc we'll have to move. Then, while I was on a roll, I called the urologist to get on the list for Micah to see him too. I was told that he will be seen for a consult in DECEMBER. Wowza! Good thing it's not a pressing issue!!

I also found out that I need to go downtown and register Kristopher for VPK (voluntary pre kindergarten) so that he can attend for free next year. It's a Florida thing, but 4 yr olds can attend any preschool for free their 4 yr old year. That means that Kristopher will attend the private school that's part of our church for one year before joining his siblings in the public school system for Kindergarten. By then we should know what school ALL the kids can attend and will appropriately place him in that school and not move him around to too many new schools.

Well, I guess today we were making up for the lazy day we had yesterday!

OH! And I also received the kids' Ukrainian passports back with a nice little letter that says "thanks for registering your adopted children". They have new stamps on them as well--- Which I have no idea what they say since it's in Ukrainian :)

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  1. Meredith, I don't know if it will help at all, but just this afternoon I talked w/ a cashier at the Publix on Knox McRae. She is from Russia. She speaks Russian, obviously, so I don't know if she can help you with any Ukrainian, but it might be worth a try if you want to know what something says.