Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today was the last day of school!

Kristopher and Brianna are officially out on "summer break"! They both have been attending Kids' Adventure Days at our church (aka Mom's morning out most places) two mornings/week since August. Both have really enjoyed it! Brianna went between the 1 yr old room and the baby room since they weren't comfortable with her in the gym since she isn't walking, but other than gym time spent most of her time in her age-group class. Kristopher is in a combined 3-4 yr old class (he was 3) and LOVED it.

Tonight is the final performance and unfortunately only Kristopher will be taking part. I didn't even realize that Briana's class was participating this year (they never have before) but when I picked her up the teachers told me that she hasn't been practicing with them and won't be on stage tonight even though her class is since she can't stand there with the other kids. I guess this is just one of those "wish I'd known before" kind of times since it hit me as a surprise. I wasn't expecting her to participate, but I didn't know that her class would be and she wouldn't.

Oh well... I know we'll enjoy watching Kristopher!

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  1. Oh. That stinks that you didn't know ahead of time! :(
    I LOVE going to those performaces by the kids at church. It's always so cute & I swear I can feel God's presence even stronger.