Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Snuggles and Tickles x4

Wow, check that out- it's 6pm and all four kids are still in their flag shirts!  That's quite an accomplishment, especially for Micah! (Brianna's wearing a bib over hers, she was eating dinner still)

More pic's of the "big kids" (K&B) to come :)

016 017 018 019 027 028 030 031  035 036


  1. LOVE IT!!

    They are absolutely precious, wow are you guys lucky!!!


  2. Wow, Meredith! To see how much Emma has blossomed under your care is beyond amazing! All your kids are TOO cute.

  3. All of your kids are beautiful. But there is something about that Emma girl's smile that just makes my day. You don't know me, but I read your blog all the gives me alot of knowledge, info, and strength to fight the fights I must fight. You guys are amazing. And Micah is growing up so fast!

  4. Look at how happy she is! I know that is such the wrong thing to say, but really! "Oh, she's so happy!" LOL