Thursday, May 22, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman

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Steven Curtis Chapman founded a ministry called Shaohannah's Hope, which provides financial aid to families that are adopting.  He also has several adopted children himself.  On Tuesday as we headed out the door for a day of doctor's appointments I received a package in the mail containing this sweet stuffed bunny!  It is made by Gund in partnership with several organizations but it is to celebrate Shaohannahs' Hope.  I won it in a contest done by Mommy Life right before Mother's Day.  I was expecting a tiny little doll and was surprised to find this big bunny!  Emma likes how soft it is.  She doesn't generally hold on to things but this one is HERS.

I post this today with a heavy heart though.  Today Steven Curtis Chapman and family need your prayers.  Yesterday one of his daughters, 5 yr old Maria, was struck by a car in her driveway and killed.  The car was driven by one of her teenage brothers.  Any loss of a child is tragic, but this is especially so.  Please keep this family covered in prayer as they face the loss of a child, and especially the brother that was driving- he needs comfort more than anyone.  You can read the news release here.


  1. Oh My God! How horrible! I will add their family to my prayer list on my blog.
    I am so very sorry to hear such horrible news.
    Many thoughts and prayers for them today.

  2. I saw that on the news while I was at work, I almost cried in my classroom full of kids. My heart goes out to the whole family, but especially the brother, one can only imagine how he feels.