Thursday, May 15, 2008

What do you do when

The house is 77 degrees in the evening, 77 degrees in the morning, and 67 degrees at night?   You can't exactly dress the babies for the cooler midnight hours when they're trying to fall asleep or they'll roast.  You can't leave them in summery pj's all night or they wake up cold.  So... what DO you do?

At 11pm when you're ready for bed yourself you sneak into their rooms, pull the nightgown back down from their armpits, and cover those skinny toothpick legs with some babylegs!

001 003 005

Soooo much cuter than pants and makes that non-waking diaper change a little easier too :)

Thanks again, RK!


  1. Do they make those for adults, too? I want some!

  2. I LOVE the babylegs!!! My youngest lived in them until he was two. A onesy and babylegs are so much easier for diaper changes than than pulling down or unsnapping pants all the time.

    Precious little ones! I enjoy watching them blossom. You're a great mom!

  3. oh we love baby legs here too. we have around 25 pair now. a little additction!!
    they are the best, arent they?

  4. Oh too cute! Love babylegs over here too! :)