Monday, May 12, 2008

A little bonus

After complaining about the loss of a day as well as the cost to go to Tampa and back I checked the mailbox and found a letter. It says that $1200 has been deposited into our bank account. Our "stimulus payment" has arrived! Well, the day's spendings were only $110, so I'd say we got back "10 fold plus some". God is good... all the time! (and the US gov't isn't so bad either ;) )


  1. I'm sorry the trip turned out to be mostly wasted time, but good news about the rebate check. :)

  2. Great news about the check!
    I hope you continue to receive good news...
    You are so very right, God is Good!
    :) Debi

  3. Shouldn't you have also received $300 per child (for your 2 bio kids from 2007????)

    Cuz I KNOW that would help! :)

  4. God's timing is always perfect! Prying more good news is coming.

    You didn't get the stimulus for Emma and Micah, did you? You brought them home this year.


  5. Not sure why, but we got only one adult and two children counted. I have no idea why only 1 adult counted but I'm glad for the $1200 anyway!


  6. If you adopted 2 children in 2008, you will get $300 for wach one when you file your taxes next year. The stimulus is for 2008, but they have to use 2007 info. The gov. just doesn't know you have 4 kids yet! :-)