Thursday, April 02, 2009

Micah walking

This was taken a week ago, but now while I'm sitting here with a sick kiddo and letting the other kids play in the playroom (through a glass door that's open so I can see and hear them ;) ) I have time to upload it. So... here's my little man on some of his first sturdy steps! In the last week he's progressed to walking about 10 steps at a time and will even stand up on his own then walk!

He also especially likes to back himself up while holding one of our hands and then let go and walk to us. He's getting a lot of practice! I'll try to get another video soon to show his progress. I love when kids 'get' the next thing, it's so fun to watch!

Micah takes his pajama pants off EVERY NIGHT... so we started just putting a shirt on him and putting him in a 'sleep bag' (sleeveless bag that's made out of pj material- not heavy). Now he's slept a few nights in just a shirt since it's warmed up...

Anyway, he's in a pj shirt and diaper in the video :)


  1. It's official... I love that little boy. He is such a darling!!! I am so impressed by his new walking skills. WTG Micah!!!!

    Anjie (mom to Adam)

  2. Meredith...just when did you switch babies? Cuz I cannot BELIEVE how far Micah and Emma have come!!!!! It is just a miracle unfolding before our eyes. If they aren't a testimony to what love and a family can do, then nothing is.

    Hug them for me!

    Love 'n' hugs! Nancy in CT (blessed mama to ShaoXi, adopted in
    Changsha China)

  3. just super gorgeous, I totally agree, Micah and Emma, just very recently, look very very different. Super chunky and so lovely!

  4. Micah is adorable! He is so proud of himself, too - just glowing! What a cutie.

    Life is about to become even more interesting at your house, with two more little feet busy exploring.

    Susan in Ky