Monday, April 13, 2009


  1. Has to be convinced to take baths - Kristopher
  2. LOVES baths and wants to take one all the time- Micah
  3. Likes to blow bubbles in the tub... with the bottom side- Emma
  4. Once in the tub doesn't want to get out- Kristopher
  5. Peed on the floor today- Brianna
  6. Doesn't need their sheets changed this morning- Emma
  7. Ate 2 bowls of oatmeal this morning for breakfast- Emma
  8. Has eaten rice with 3 of the last 5 meals- Micah
  9. Ate a rolled up spicy enchilada last night with strip steaks, corn, and beans in it- Kristopher
  10. Likes/wants whatever toy anyone else has at that moment- Micah
  11. Is content to let everyone else take whatever they have but is learning to 'assert'- Emma
  12. Woke up first today- Micah
  13. Loves to close doors/gates- Micah
  14. Can't stand the doors/gates being closed- Brianna
  15. Asks me to turn up the music so they can dance more- Brianna
  16. Claps to music with some decent rhythm (at times)- Emma
  17. Is obsessed with hand sanitizer- Brianna
  18. Has a pillow the LOVE and sleep better with it- Micah
  19. Sleeps in a bed that first belonged to extended family- Brianna (it was Mike's aunt's)
  20. Sleeps in a bed that was given to us (2 answers)- Kristopher and Micah
  21. Sleeps in a bed from a garage sale (2 answers)- Emma (we bought the crib when we were expecting K) and Brianna (we found it at a garage sale THEN realized it was Mike's aunt's-- it wasn't at her house :) )
  22. Reaches to be held every time I walk by- Emma
  23. Hasn't gone to bed on time all week- Kristopher
  24. Is really excited about Easter eggs this year (empty and all)- Kristopher
  25. Wants to wear shoes all the time- Brianna
  26. Is ALWAYS cold- Kristopher
  27. Falls down at least 10 times every day- Micah
  28. Got 'stuck' under a bed yesterday- Brianna (I think K helped her get under there tho!)
  29. Seems to like rocking in the kids' rocking chair... backward- Micah
  30. Makes up their own songs- Kristopher
  31. Loves the vacuum cleaner- Micah
  32. Doesn't like the vacuum at all- Brianna
  33. If I'm in the kitchen, this one is under foot- Emma
  34. Just decided they really like sweet tea (2 answers)- Micah and Emma
  35. Doesn't like the texture of cheese- Brianna
  36. Would live off of cheese if possible- Kristopher
  37. Has 2 teeth coming in-Emma (Micah has 4 coming in too)
  38. Likes to lick wet wipes- Brianna
  39. Has been told 20 times in the last 24 hours not to touch the papers on the kids' desk- Kristopher
  40. Will stay at the sliding glass door to the playroom and look out until they're allowed to go play- Emma

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  1. I loved the Easter pics! Your angels are just beautiful! God is good!