Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hmm, how to say, what to say?

Thank you all for your prayers today! Here's a little light into our private world in the last few weeks... it all makes sense at the end but otherwise is pretty random.

We were asked a bit ago about being named in a family's will to take their adopted child w/ Ds in the event they could not care for her and the will was executed. It was more to do with their actual homestudy agency requiring this to be done, but it was a 'stopping point' for their adoption. I talked to Mike, we had a few discussions about it, and really the situation didn't play out as another solution was found by the family. We were honored and humbled to be asked, though... It was a surprise but was nice to know our testimony preceeds our physical beings (since we've never met the family).

But what DID happen, was Mike and I talked about the situation. Oh, and by the way, I hope that this family doesn't mind me sharing this, but we were VERY glad to see that their own pastor is the one that agreed to be her guardian in their absense! THERE is faith in action!!! :) :)

Anyway, in our talking about this one situation we pretty much said "if a child was brought to us and a family said "will you care for this child," and really there was an ability for us to do so and a good 'fit' for our family layout... yes, we'd be there." That was a week or so ago.

Yesterday I was contacted about a family needing respite care for their child. Immediately Mike and I knew the answer as we'd already had the conversation. "Yes." I've met the little boy, so I knew a bit of who it is that we were talking about and we feel equipped to take him on in a short-term sense. This morning we got confirmation that they would like for him to come stay with us for about a month.

So... God prepared our hearts to make a fast decision because He'd brought us into the conversation a week earlier! I love that God had us have this conversation "hypothetically" then a week later called us to put our faith in action. So... next week you may be seeing an extra little body on the blog, one that I promise you is VERY adorable and one that you're going to have to take my word for... because I intend to preserve the privacy of my friends and their family and not post identifying photos.

Adoptive families often need a bit of a 'breather' and I'm glad to have the opportunity to provide this for our friends. Thank YOU, in advance, for showing your support for them and for praying for their family and for ours.


  1. What a true testimony of God's Will and His Power! Bless everyone involved and we will be praying!!!

  2. Meredith, hope all goes well in your family. I am sure you can handle this. :)

  3. Wow! Meredith, may God bless you and your family! God will be glorified by your demonstration of love and self-less giving....


  4. I love to watch God work in you, through you and around you! Blessings on your newest adventure!

  5. you like to keep us followers always coming back for more eh Meredith :)