Thursday, April 02, 2009

For my sister, Elizabeth :)

I wanted to post a pic of the 4 kids together for you today because they all looked adorable in the clothes that you bought them! When I picked out clothes last night, I got Kristopher some plaid shorts and a blue shirt, Micah some plaid shorts and a blue shirt, and then came across the outfits you got the girls- one was plaid shorts and a green tank and the other green shorts and a plaid tank.  Then I realized the outfit for K was one you got the kids at the same time! (M's doesn't fit yet...)  So inadvertently 3 of the 4 kids were dressed in clothes you brought them on one of your visits :)

I figured after school I'd take a picture to send you.  I also meant to get a pic of Brianna with the magnadoodle... her FAVORITE thing right now and she'll sit in her room and draw and erase for an hour if we let her!  But alas, plans change... Brianna threw up on her outfit (and the next one after that...).  Here's what I could do:


Both Emma and Micah LOVE this story board!  Ordered at Target online for Christmas- lots of fun :) :)


Mom, this is the 'block' you got E for her birthday too! (and K's Spidey outfit which she was hiding the block with LOL)


This little man doesn't stand still for long :)  He was microwaving eggs and making everyone drinks, what a helpful little guy!


And... well, she's adorable even sacked out on a beanbag (with a blanket to catch the puke)...


Emma decided she doesn't want her glasses on today.  She keeps taking them off.  And Micah pulled his off 10,000 times and now they're missing a screw that holds the lens in.  On my to-do list today that didn't get touched...  But both the kids were doing better (E's been fine for a long time and M was accepting them again) until... today.  I guess it's just a day like that!

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  1. Just got back into town from my trip. Thanks for posting these!! Glad most of them fit :)