Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Often times

people are either able to do technical work OR they're funny. I love it when the two come together... For instance, the message I got when using's website to try to watch the newest episode of "Castle" (a murder mystery type tv series that just started). It said "Why do I need to install something?" as the header, then this: "ABC uses a plug-in you don't currently have. It will give you stunning video quality including full-screen. We could go on, but it gets technical and boring from here."

I'd much rather laugh than say "dang, another download!"

And in case you, like us, never catch a tv show when it airs, try :) It's great- has a lot of episodes added daily of different shows. That's where I went to find the Castle show and it linked me directly to the ABC website to start that specific episode. Pretty neat! They have TV clips, full TV shows, Movie clips and possibly more. Go check it out!


  1. Cool! Thanks for the tip!! Reese and I LOVE watching "The Amazing Race" but so often forget to watch it. I wonder if it's available at that website...??

  2. lol agreed! hulu is AWESOME! I never have time to watch stuff when it airs/i don't have a tv because I live in a dorm. so Hulu and are awesome for me.

    and that message is super funny! That would make me click "install plug in" instead of trying to find it somewhere else

  3. How true...Hulu is very handy, and most of the network sites have even more show options. It's a good way to go. My husband hooked up an extra computer (yeah, we have's a work perk) to the big screen in the "man lair" and we can watch shows online, but actually view them on 57 inches! Not a bad deal... :) Braska loves Blues Clues on there!!

    And Castle is a good one for sure, a new fave of ours.

    BTW in case anyone is interested... is one we just found out about. It has a ton of sports events (NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL, etc) and other special events live, and it has Fox News live 24/7, which is handy since we don't get it anymore!

  4. LOL! also has a selection of tv shows to watch...

    not as great as hulu but still a wealth of entertainment if you're stuck in bed 24/7 for a year like i've been! :-P

    - michelle