Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Kristopher does buckle himself, but I counted him anyway :) It would be too difficult to figure out how many of those were him! LOL

And... on any NORMAL, SANE day I don't ever do this. And if I had child #5, whether our respite little one or the new baby with us... I likely would have delivered the carseat to my parents so they could help, or canceled some appointments somewhere! We don't usually have these kind of days... but every once in a while we have a busy one, or two, or FIVE :)


  1. Hope Mike feels better. The kids have had that crud here too. (SPread out over more than a week) Those days are 'doable' every once in a while but it would be hard to do it everyday. I also bet you'll be able to handle it with 5 kids sometimes too. You do what you need to do. Mommies always find a way.


  2. Hi Meredith.

    Thank you for sharing Mom with us. It was such a surprise for Uncle Walt having his sisters here.
    We all had a great time. Hope Mike feels better soon. It isn't a fun illness. We admire you and Mike in so many ways. The kids are thriving!!
    Love to you all- Aunt Dottie and Uncle Walt