Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter "baskets" after breakfast

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After church we had lunch at my parents' house.  Two of my  brothers, one sister in law, 2 uncles, Mike's parents, and a family friend were all able to come, we had a great time! 

In their Easter outfits


The Easter bunny left eggs at our house but we quickly picked them up and packed them in a cooler to take with us to my parents' house because the kids needed baths and we ran out of time before church.  Brianna and Kristopher egg-hunted, Micah hung out for a few minutes outside, but Emma enjoyed being in with Grandaddy rather than out in the grass.

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We had a wonderful Easter and really enjoyed the special time with family today!

Just for fun- here's my solution for dresses that are spaghetti straps and fall off the shoulders.  I bought the girls each a dress with the right 'length' for what I want them wearing, but I also think they will shrink when washed.  So the girls put them on this morning and they were just a bit big.  A hair clip in the right place made all the difference... And I bet no one really even noticed I improvised ;)



  1. You are so blessed! Beautiful, beautiful family! Happy Easter!

  2. I've totally used the hair clip trick. :) I've even used a small piece of ribbon to make a tiny bow... that works too... but we usually have more of the hair clippies laying around. :)

  3. Cute pics! I've been trying for hours to get mine edited but my computer is running slow tonight so it's going to have to wait. We use the hair clip on the back of dresses ALL the time! LOL Helps when you have tiny kids!

  4. I do that hair clip thing too with dresses. I also do it with bathing suit straps. Bathing suit sizing is all wacky so this helps make them fit better.

    Happy Easter.

  5. Looks like you all had a great Easter and I will tell you, I just never get tired of seeing Miss E sitting up, she looks like such a big girl, love it!

  6. The hair clip was a great idea! And I love the girls matching dresses!

  7. wow, look at Emma sitting up on the carpet and Brianna walking around getting eggs, they all are so big and doing so much, it is amazing!
    I love the group pic of Emma looking at Bri and the boys hugging.
    Amy O

  8. Gosh, Meredith...I just can't get over how healthy and alert Micah and Emma look since last year. Micah has some seriously delightful pudge now and I just want to squish him! I do that hairclip trick all the time. Why can't they make straps that fit??

  9. So sweet. What blessings. Life with lots of kids is such an amazing gift from God.