Thursday, April 16, 2009


For the first time I let Brianna go out on the side yard with Kristopher without me. Of course I'm sitting by the open window watching them with the other 2 kids here with me... They were playing so nicely I didn't feel like putting them outside to "sit" since neither will play much outside unless they're in a swing yet...

So I'm here watching and Brianna goes up to the top of the small slide by using a step and I thought "great! Look at her go!" And just 10 minutes later... there goes my tiny little Brianna. Up... Up... Up... she climbed the ladder to the BIG slide all by herself! A RUNG ladder! Kristopher ran to tell me (it's easier to see out than in I suppose) and of course I said "go back and stand by her!!!" LOL My little 23 pound stinker is now climbing the 6 foot ladder to go down the big twisty slide.. Wow!

(sorry no pictures, a screen and a bush would keep it from really being visible anyway...)


  1. I am just sitting here smiling over Brianna's "rise in the world" - what a great accomplishment, and even more so as it was all her own unassisted idea! Well done, Brianna!

    Then of course, there's the symbolism of this determined little girl, who's fought so many odds so successfully during her young life, climbing up that big ladder.

    Higher and higher, Brianna climbs...there's no stopping her today, or tomorrow, either!

    Very best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to Two from Ukraine

  2. That's gotta be exciting and scary all at the same time seeing her take off on the slide like that. What a big independent step she took today and what a big step you took allowing them a bit of freedom. ~even if you were stalking them from the window :)

  3. That's my girl! You go, Brianna!!!

  4. That is GREAT!!! Go Brianna Go!