Tuesday, April 07, 2009

More midnight adventures

As if it wasn't enough just to find 6 baby rat monsters :), then Mike tells me he also needs to check on the security system at the church because someone had called and told him that an alarm was going off...

So he leaves around 12:30 and heads off to the church then down to the shelter. Around 1:15 he calls me- of course I'm still awake simply because he left the dog in our shower and she keeps barking and whining (but he asked me to leave her there) so I relocated to the family room couch. He says that address is just a house. Not a shelter. We try other things, google the address (he'd gotten there with the GPS), etc... but kept bringing us back to this house with trash cans blocking the driveway and an overgrown fence.

Finally he called the guy and left a message and the guy came out... sure enough, that was it. They must just be licensed to do wildlife care but do it out of their house. Not so bad, except they really should have a SIGN... They'd told us to come but forgot to mention it's in a residential area and is not marked except the numbers on the mailbox. Right around 2am Mike got home and we went to bed. What a nigh. I hope the opossums live after all of that. I also hope they're not released back into our backyard... they tend to do releases of animals really close to us. Oh, and I really hope that there were only 6 of them! I don't look forward to finding rotten dead rodents by the shed.

If you've never actually seen an opossum running through the woods or better yet- straight AT you or heard their nasty hissing noises, maybe you would be surprised at my distaste for the animals. But they are REALLY like huge overgrown wild nasty rats (and I don't mind domestic rats even!). Seriously, gross animals.

Just for fun, here's a few opossum stories... When I was a kid my mom saw the cats on the porch (before it was enclosed it was a screen structure open to the pool screened area). She went to let them in then about had a heart attack as she saw the giant rat coming at her! An opossum had gotten on the porch and almost was let in the house!

And on Saturday when Mike brought the kids to the park he told me this story-- here's the best I can repeat it, but he was laughing out loud telling it! There was an opossum that was running around where the people were and it started running at one lady. She picked up her foot and instead of running by her it stopped right under her foot! So she was kind of dancing around trying not to step on the stupid animal... I guess it eventually ran off. Mike had just put his camera away from taking pic's earlier. Too bad :)

Anyway, we're up and at 'em, the kids slept in and then played happily for a bit so we're having a slow morning today. I was hoping to find out whether Emma's overnight diaper was going to do the trick when unfortunately I didn't get to find out last night. She took it off. Lovely... So for the 6th day in a row she needs a new set of sheets on her bed. This is getting OLD! This is only one of a handful of times she's taken it off because the other times she's wet through it but it was still on her. We'll figure SOMETHING out...


  1. That sounds like quite a night. Here's hoping tonight is not nearly as eventful.

  2. My older son would always try to take off his diaper. The soulution that worked for us was to take a pair of child's underwear and put them over the diaper. The elastic on the waist was too challenging enough for him to pull them down over the diaper, thus keeping the diaper on all night.

  3. My daughter LOVED to undress and undiaper herself. I finally figured out that if I put her pj's on backwards (button up pj's) or pinned the zipper (zippered pj's) she couldn't escape. I hope you find something that works.

  4. All those ideas sound good. If it's a regular diaper, can you put it no backwards with the tapes in the back? Unless she just rips it off, that wouldn't work either. But undies over the top and backwards jammies sound good ;o) . Praying tonight is quieter for you all.