Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day two and going well :)

Today we can see that our friend is more comfortable here. He woke up happy, had breakfast, got dressed, and played. We had decided last night we were not going to go to church service this morning. We don't just skip very often unless someone is sick- and then usually one of us still goes with those that can. But a combination of things- Mike coming off of his stomach bug, our car not having the extra seat installed, and our visitor not really being comfortable here yet- made us decide that today we'd spend playing and run the one errand we needed to then come back home.

We did move around the carseats and head over to Target and picked up a few things Mike needed and an extra body pillow since we stole Brianna's last night to go between the mattress and wall on the bottom bunk. Surprise of all surprises we found something else that we'd been looking for 2 weeks ago and couldn't find ANYWHERE and there they were... bean bag chairs! So, yes, we got two bean bag chairs too :).

Then we headed home had some chicken nuggets, cheese, and crackers with milk for lunch :) Yummy, LOL, well, for all the kids 6 and under that can chew food anyway! After lunch the three youngest kids went to bed. We put Micah in the playpen in the guest room so there weren't two kids in any one room... it doesn't seem to work for naps. Surprisingly, all three kids napped! And not only that, since Mike was home I was able to lay down after they'd been asleep about 30 minutes and I slept the last hour along with them :) Emma and Kristopher played in the playroom and watched a movie under Mike's watchful eye.

I had to wake up 2 of the kids after 2 hours!! Micah, of course, was fine to wake on his own LOL. Then we played a little bit, watched the new dynamic of interaction (which was really pretty fun to watch!) and after a while we decided to take everyone for a walk. I bet we were a bit of a sight, Kristopher on his bicycle, a triple stroller, and a single stroller going down the road :) On the way back to the house we got the two walkers out and let them walk part of the way home. Everyone enjoyed the fresh air and even though it was kindof hot, the nice cool breeze was great!

Before we knew it we were getting some Mac 'n Cheese ready for dinner (um... except Mike and I had shrimp coctails LOL, only so much kid-food is tolerated!) and it was time for baths, brushing teeth, drinks, stories, and bed!

I'm actually typing this sitting in the boys' room waiting for them to fall asleep :) Everyone's being very good, but I have two boys that aren't sure they're ready for bed yet... one is dancing in his crib to the quiet music I put on (which seems to soothe our friend) and the other is talking to himself- or his stuffed animas?- in the top bunk. The third little boy is laying quietly just peeking at me every so often to see if I'm still here. Yep. Not going anywhere :)

Tomorrow is a regular Monday of school for K and B and I have Mike and my mom back in gear to help it go smoothly! I also have my 20 week OB appointment. HALF WAY!! In the afternoon Emma's teacher will come for an hour and then Emma and I and our visitor will go to Emma's therapy appointment. Depending on how it goes we'll sit in with her as usual or I'll take my friend to the playground :) It should be a nice 'normal' day back in the swing of things with a well husband and a fun, sweet group of kids!!

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  1. You have a beautiful family. And how exciting that you are expecting!