Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Who did what?

Here's a fun little thing for anyone that wants to play along...

Can you guess which of the 4 kids each statement describes?
They aren't necessarily evenly distributed, but each describes only one child (unless noted otherwise).

  1. Has to be convinced to take baths
  2. LOVES baths and wants to take one all the time
  3. Likes to blow bubbles in the tub... with the bottom side
  4. Once in the tub doesn't want to get out
  5. Peed on the floor today
  6. Doesn't need their sheets changed this morning
  7. Ate 2 bowls of oatmeal this morning for breakfast
  8. Has eaten rice with 3 of the last 5 meals
  9. Ate a rolled up spicy enchilada last night with strip steaks, corn, and beans in it
  10. Likes/wants whatever toy anyone else has at that moment
  11. Is content to let everyone else take whatever they have but is learning to 'assert'
  12. Woke up first today
  13. Loves to close doors/gates
  14. Can't stand the doors/gates being closed
  15. Asks me to turn up the music so they can dance more
  16. Claps to music with some decent rhythm (at times)
  17. Is obsessed with hand sanitizer
  18. Has a pillow the LOVE and sleep better with it
  19. Sleeps in a bed that first belonged to extended family
  20. Sleeps in a bed that was given to us (2 answers)
  21. Sleeps in a bed from a garage sale (2 answers)
  22. Reaches to be held every time I walk by
  23. Hasn't gone to bed on time all week
  24. Is really excited about Easter eggs this year (empty and all)
  25. Wants to wear shoes all the time
  26. Is ALWAYS cold
  27. Falls down at least 10 times every day
  28. Got 'stuck' under a bed yesterday
  29. Seems to like rocking in the kids' rocking chair... backward
  30. Makes up their own songs
  31. Loves the vacuum cleaner
  32. Doesn't like the vacuum at all
  33. If I'm in the kitchen, this one is under foot
  34. Just decided they really like sweet tea (2 answers)
  35. Doesn't like the texture of cheese
  36. Would live off of cheese if possible
  37. Has 2 teeth coming in
  38. Likes to lick wet wipes
  39. Has been told 20 times in the last 24 hours not to touch the papers on the kids' desk
  40. Will stay at the sliding glass door to the playroom and look out until they're allowed to go play
Have fun! :)


  1. There are quite a few where I have no idea (but I guessed anyway). You'll have to let me know how I did ;)

    K, M, M, B, B
    E, E, B, K, K,
    M, M, M, B, B,
    B, K, M, K, M&E,
    B&K, E, E, K, B,
    E, M, E, M, K,
    K, E, B, B&E, E,
    K, M, B, E, B

  2. Here goes -

    Let me know how I did.

    Mom C