Saturday, April 25, 2009

The boys' room and Daddy's better!

Kristopher sleeps on the top and our visitor gets the bottom.  My dad made a new bed rail for the bottom bunk.  After I found one on a good sale and bought it, I found out that a typical bed rail wouldn't work!  Oh, well... This one eventually will be stained to match but for today it will work just how it is :)  The side rails and ladder are all removable, in case you're wondering how in the world you get in to the bottom bunk!


This one's Micah's, complete with small sleeping child :)


The dresser between the beds.  Micah has been grabbing the lamp so everything's squished over to one side ;)  The bin has some clothes we pulled out for our friend.  Kristopher gets the left half, Micah gets the right.



Look who's feeling better!  Can you tell the kids are excited about Daddy being back in the action?


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  1. glad to know mike is feeling better, hope your dya is going well with your new addition