Sunday, April 19, 2009

If you're local

I don't generally outright ask for things on my blog, but... Since I really just need to borrow this for a few months and it is something many people seem to have sitting around, I thought I should at least ask. If you're not local... skip right on by! :)

Do you happen to have a bed rail sitting in your spare room? I'm looking for one to use with our little visitor that I can hang on to for the summer. I'll return it when he heads home, but I thought I'd at least put the question out there before I use plan B. He's coming in on Saturday so I need to secure something by Friday or I'll go to plan B (which will still be fine).

Thanks in advance, you can leave me a comment here with your contact info or e-mail me at

And please, no flaming me for asking this on here...


  1. I am not local, but I have used this site before and have found a lot of usefully and free stuff.

    I do recommend making an e-mail account specifically for freecycle because you can get a lot of e-mails.

  2. Do you have a craig's list in your area. YOu might find stuff on there.

  3. Shucks...if you want to drive to Texas, I have one. Neither D or C need one.