Monday, April 20, 2009

One of THOSE days :) Twice!

Yesterday started with E waking up in a funk. She was scratching, upset, didn't eat a good breakfast, and just not herself. So she came and sat in church with me and by the end of church she seemed fine, ate a good lunch and the rest of the day went smoothly for her.

The little ones went down for naps and after nap time I had to wake Brianna. But it wasn't like a "hey sweetie, time to get up" kinda waking... it was a "hey, seriously, let's get up!" as I picked up her limp little body and was halfway through changing her diaper before she peered one eye at me (and I'm pretty sure she wanted to smack me!).

We went to Target to pick up a few things then we were off to Wal-Mart. Brianna stayed on Mike's hip or mine in Target but knowing how tired she was we didn't mind. When we got to Wal-Mart Micah started crying... and crying... and crying... We decided to go to the McDonald's and eat there (inside Wal-Mart, but we NEVER eat there... until now I guess). I fed Micah and he cried through it. It just wasn't "him". B, K, and E all ate great though and we decided not to do the grocery run and to go home instead. Micah does NOT cry usually unless he's hurt or hungry!

We headed home and got Micah taken care of with an enema which seemed to do the trick... poor guy was having tummy trouble it seems.

Then after a bit of play time it was off to bed. 7:30 everyone was tucked in, Mike was finishing up mowing the lawn, he'd started the jacuzzi (at a nice low comfortable temp safe for baby!) and around 9pm the house was quiet, e-mail was somewhat caught up, Mike had worked some on his class paper and project due the next day (tonight), and we got in the pool to relax. Except we still kept hearing Brianna on the baby monitor!

At 10:00 or so I got out and went inside. Really, we both had work to do anyway but it was nice to relax a bit as well. I got Brianna some milk, she seemed content, and I took a shower only to find her still playing when I got out! (Mike was monitoring and she was happy, but just AWAKE). Finally at 10:30 we pulled out the Melatonin and in 15 minutes (with me laying with her) she was out.

Today... 7:10 came and went, no little girl talking in the monitor. By 7:30 I decided not to wake her and if she missed school... oh well! She needed some sleep (especially when she had been SO out at nap time!). I got up and got myself ready and heard Micah and Emma starting to rattle around, and by 7:45 her little voice was finally making itself known. We hurried at this point to get her to school on time! I had 30 min now to get everyone dressed, fed, lunch packed and all 3 kids out the door (Mike does Kristopher on mornings that they go to different schools).

We made it! The morning rush paid off and she got to school on time. Then I headed to Wal-Mart to do that grocery run I'd missed. We made it through, got home, unloaded the kids, unloaded the groceries, put away the cold stuff... and someone knocked on the door. Hmm... wasn't expecting anyone!

It worked out well, though, and they had caught me right at the time that I COULD take a break for 30. It was one of my tutoring students that got their days mixed up :) But they live across town so I was able to take some time and give them a QUICK run down of how to do the lesson they're working on... then we ran back out the door so I would be on time to pick up Brianna!

From Brianna's school we go to the church, eat (QUICKLY) lunch with Mike, then get Kristopher and head back home. Except, oops, I wanted to pick up a carseat from my dad to change out with the one we have for Kristopher in our car (same seat, different buckles, both are ours but I think K can be more independent with the buckles on the one my parents have...). So I turned around and went back to their house to get the carseat then went home. M and B went down for naps, E and K hung out for a few and E's teacher was there. Then at the end of teaching grandma was there and I took E to therapy. 4:15 and the day was 'almost' over! LOL

We did dinner early, K had some popcorn (with mini M&M's in it!) and watched a movie while I bathed the three little ones. 6pm and all was quiet. Now the kids have been playing for 40 minutes and it's time to brush teeth, give meds, and head to bed.

We don't often have 'bad' experiences going out. We don't generally have too many days that are 'go go go.' But the last two days have been both!

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  1. Sometimes it's just nice to read other mother's days and know that I'm not alone! (So glad the melatonin worked too!) HUGS today and God Bless!