Friday, April 24, 2009

Adoption updates...

Continue in prayer for the family awaiting a positive court turn out, their son is in an institution and they are having a very slow and difficult process. THEY HAVE A PRIMARY COURT DATE! Still a ways to go but this is a wonderful praise!

The family adopting 2 girls and home after court will travel back to get them soon!

Two families have received their travel dates to Ukraine!

One family is IN Ukraine and waiting a court date to adopt their son.

Four families have sent their paperwork to Ukraine and are awaiting translation and submittal. We're about to have a big group of travelers again!

Several families are within days of submitting paperwork, and one country has had 'hints' of possible closures. Please pray for the waiting families and children that may be disrupted by this possibility.

Our family in Haiti- missionaries now- is doing well and I'm sure appreciate your continued prayers as they live this 'new life' while they await the completion of their son's adoption.

The family adopting two girls from Latvia are HOME!

Continue in prayer for the other family facing difficulty with their Russian adoption. They are continuing on in the face of many trials but things are not moving for them.

Two families adopting from Serbia has been given their travel dates :)

One of our families adopting from Estonia has met their older son w/ Ds and is still waiting an appointment to return to adopt him. This has been a long and difficult wait. Please pray they are able to return for him soon.

Please keep all these families covered in prayer!!

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