Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter (egg) Tomb

He Is Risen! This morning each of my children will wake to find an Easter basket with a single colorful egg in it. Inside this egg is... NOTHING! The tomb is empty! Jesus has conquered death and the grave and He has RISEN!

Just as Jesus rose from the grave and left the tomb empty, each of us that have accepted His gift of forgiveness can now look to death as a new beginning of our life with Him. Easter eggs are not filled with rocks and dirt, but with a surprise that fills us with joy at each new discovery. May we, too, look to the tomb as a welcome gift when our day comes to meet Jesus. Our tombs are not empty... our bodies will stay. But our death is not something to look to with dread or fear because He has come before us!

Praise be to God the Father who sent His Son, and to Jesus who completed His mission on Earth to gift us with eternal life!!

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