Friday, April 24, 2009

A quiet peaceful day

Today's going to be a quiet, peaceful day! I know it is!

Last night I spent night #2 on the couch. I could have slept in the guest room but that would require clearing it off and I'm in the middle of a project and have no visitors coming to stay in it any time soon... so the couch sounded just fine. But... I actually SLEPT. Which is NICE. Emma got up around midnight and fussed around. Had a dirty diaper then went back to bed. The dog was barking around 4am so she got fussed at and closed in the garage. Other than that it was almost 7:30 when the kids started emerging from sleep and here it is 9am and we all had a relaxed breakfast and are bumming around in PJs. Time to get dressed, I know :)

Today is my parents' 33rd anniversary :) Happy Anniversary! And even though it's a special day for them, my mom is still coming over to keep the three youngest kids so I can take Emma to her twice-rescheduled, NINE months in waiting, neurology appointment. I also hope to stop by a store and pick up a few essentials we're running low on since I've been on "sprint" mode for 4 days :). But those should be fairly leisurely trips.

As far as the neuro goes... I'm very much thinking this is going to be a non-momumental appointment. Yes, we are told she may have CP by her general ped and some of the ways she "presents" seem consistent with that diagnosis. But after looking up the different things noted on her MRI (since I've had 9 months to look it over...) I'm not thinking that it is going to give a definitive diagnosis of CP. We shall see. Occasionally CP is diagnosed without visible damage, but I have a feeling this will be more of a "looks ok to me, these 'abnormal' findings aren't any reason for concern" and we will go off to either never be seen again or maybe just a re-check in a year or 5. Who knows. But I don't expect it to be anything special. Who knows, though, right?

Mike is feeling better, slept last night, and went to work this morning. Hopefully he can make it through the work day today as I know he is behind on some things after missing 2 days of work. I also hope he just feels better in general because being sick stinks :)

Prepping a bit for our visitor that comes tomorrow. Finishing some 'spring cleaning,' getting a few projects out of the way, and rearranging a thing or two to allow for that 7th seat at the table, 7th spot in the car, and things like that.

I hope you have a restful Friday!

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