Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can't find it!

I BOUGHT IT! Thank you SSQUYRES! I looked at the link and thought $15?? But... then I realized it was for FIVE :) I want 2 or 3 right now, but I know someone else that would probably like to have 1 or 2 as well. THANKS!!

Oh, and for some reason I can't do searches on ebay. It just spins its wheels for me... I have NO IDEA why! Kind of annoying...

Have I mentioned lately what an AWESOME resource you all are? Seriously, you all save my sanity more than you know :)


I went to 2 different 'baby specialty' stores in Orlando (with all 4 kids in tow, but they were great!) and STILL didn't find this latch! Now I find it online... ONLY IN UK!

Seriously, why can't we sell it here??? I had them at our last house and in the move they were either left or lost or something... but now I'm wanting them for the kids' bedroom doors and I can't find them anywhere...

What's so special? The left part is a door stopper. Rubber tip that doesn't come off. The part on the door lifts and lowers. In the position shown, it is "locked open". If you lift that bottom piece on the right (it 'slides up' the piece that goes higher) it will open and when the door is pressed firmly open, it will 'grab' and stay open, but can be pulled on and closed. When you lower that piece WITHOUT the door stopper stuck in it, then the door stopper just 'bounces off' like a normal door stopper would.

I love these things... and Micah likes to play in the bedroom, but seems to always close the door behind himself so I can't monitor him. But, I guess you have to live in UK to have them :(

Anyone know where I can get them online? They are called "Stay Open Door Latch"... at least in the UK they are... Made by Safety 1st. I bought them about 4 or so years ago here in the US!!



  1. check e-bay, I saw some on there...or have poppies blooming get some for you and you can reimburse?

  2. I found it but it seems like it's overpriced - from Karyn's Mama


  3. Ok much better price unless shipping and handling is out of line:


  4. We use these, too and we love them. I think we ordered tham from Amazon, but I can't remember. They are the best!!

  5. Hmmm....I need some of these! Xander loves to close himself in rooms! And this week, he's discovered the doors slam! Guess I'm off to check ebay!

  6. i think this is a US site it might be a better option
    dunno but good luck