Saturday, April 18, 2009

Look! I got my hair cut!

I cut all 4 kids' hair tonight, but when K got done with his he hopped in the shower then put on pajamas... so I didn't get his pic.  The other kiddos I just grabbed a diaper then kept going with the next one :)  The girls just got their bangs trimmed-- and probably have a lot of pieces that I missed since I did it right as they got out of the tub and I'm sure some were 'stuck' back with the rest of their hair... Oh well! 

My chubby little Prince


The first Princess (sitting in a W sit, ugh! LOL)



And my second Princess that took 3 tries to get her to look at me LOL!  She was in the playroom already, this girl doesn't waste time getting back to playing :)


I'll post Kristopher's when I get one.  The kids are all in bed now and once he was dressed he started the bedtime routine and I didn't think to grab the camera again.


  1. They all look great, wish I could do as well with my kids. I cut VERY crooked bangs ;)

  2. May I kindly ask what's wrong with the W-sit? I've seen it commented on here and there, but never understood why it's wrong..... I'm 31 and sit like that myself :-)

  3. And, of course, the children look charming in their hair-cut! I cut my husbands' hair, but not the children's....too difficult!