Monday, April 06, 2009

What in the world

do you do with newborn opossums??


UPDATE: Thanks Tricia! I'd just done a search and found the same 2 links! One of the rescues is only 20 min away and called me back just a few minutes ago. Mike's going to drive the opossums down there tonight. He ended up finding 6 when he went back out to pick them up. I know the 4 looked uninjured but I don't know about the other 2... wasn't in a hurry to go look them over *ew* but I did put a hand towel in their box and put the box in the office instead of the garage. The wildlife guy seemed to think they'd be fine overnight if we didn't want to go out... but I'd hate to have 6 dead opossums in a box in the morning! Mike said he'll bring them down there once he's done bathing the dog... What do you think the guy will think when he realizes we brought him 6 baby rodents in the box from a potty chair? :)


Buttermilk (our dog) was barking like crazy then fighting with something earlier. I couldn't get her to come in and could tell there was something outside with her so I wasn't about to go out. I looked through the bedroom windows but never saw anything. I finally opened the window to holler at her and she came in... I hollered at her then let her in. Didn't think anything else of it.

I did tell Mike about it when he came in from school, though, and he said she had gross stuff on her mouth. He went outside to find whatever she'd had a spat with. No momma in sight, but there are 4 newborn opossums and momma's TAIL in the back yard.

I gave him a cardboard box to put the babies in... what do you do with newborn opossums tho?? EW. They're big nasty rats as adults and really pretty much look the same as babies... their eyes aren't even open yet. Can't leave them outside or if the dog goes back out they might be dessert *YUCK*. Plus it's going to be in the 40's tonight so they'll be dead by morning if left outside.

I'll tell you one thing... the dog needs a BATH.004 005 006 007

Oh, and yes, it's 1130 at night (pitch black out) and we went out hunting for the rest of the babies... can just barely hear them rustling in the leaves/grass. These things are TINY and they're not all together either. I have a feeling there's more than 4 but we were lucky to find those! (have I said *ew* yet???)



    here's a list of wildlife rehabilitators-

  2. what a good husband... bathing the dog and bring baby opossums to a shelter at midnight wow!