Thursday, April 23, 2009

To all my adoption friends out there

Please know that regardless of the 'rumors' of closings or the uncertainty of your country of adoption, God knows your children, knows His timing, knows your fears, but knows the day of the uniting of His families at the day and time He prepares.

Uncertainty is never fun, but faith is built when uncertainty peeks its head up. Faith is believing that God's hand is working in spite of what the world may say about any circumstances.

Keep your heads up, keep your paperwork rolling, keep your hearts loving, and lock out doubts and fears.

The uncertainty of the country is one of the ways that God brings new Faith!! :)

Many hugs to all my friends that struggle with this uncertainty. Know that it is a simple 'unknown' that has come to head MANY times... and come to pass FEW.


  1. Thanks M! I needed this reminder today!!

  2. Thanks Meredith, I also needed to hear that today. You know, earlier I mentioned that dream, but I didn't mention that I got to hold her in that dream. AND she wanted me to hold her, she RAN to me, and wrapped her whole body around me. I can still feel her in my arms when I think about it. It's gonna work out :)