Friday, April 24, 2009

Results of our Neuro Appointment Today

I am glad to know that Emma does NOT have CP! But... the neurologist said the 'abnormalities' in her brain is evidence of many small strokes. This is congruent with her diagnosis since the unrepaired heart defect would cause clots which could then go to the brain. The lesions are on both sides of the brain but the evidence of left-sided weakness is likely an effect of some of these strokes.

Good news is the lesions are all old, seemed to have already been old at the time of the MRI (June 2008), and he sees no need for a repeat test nor follow up because we're already doing all we can to rehabilitate her.

That was about 2 minutes of our conversation. The other 25 minutes he spent talking about how severely autistic she is. Yeah, thanks for the info...

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