Saturday, April 04, 2009

And the virus lives on

Emma woke up at 1:30 throwing up.

Last night Mike and I had been invited to a game night with friends and asked Mike's dad to come over after the kids were all in bed (well, K stayed up and played a game for a few first). Brianna didn't throw up all day and her fever had been gone since lunch. She hadn't napped and was almost asleep before we left at 7:15. We got home just before 11 and in bed around 11:30 or so... a late night and I was TIRED... but we had a nice time and really needed all the laughter that these other couples brought on!

Unfortunately, after I'd been asleep less than 2 hours I heard Emma... I stayed in her room on the floor until 2:30 then went back to bed since she was in a sound sleep. Only to be woken again an hour later. She and I relocated to the living room where I still had a mattress out on the floor from Brianna the previous day. I took the couch and she took the bed. She did eventually even figure out she had to stay ON the mattress after about 100,000 times of me picking her back up saying "no no, on the bed" and putting her back on. Neither of us got much sleep at all and I put on Signing Times on one of the DVDs that continually plays without having to mess with it.

We both flitted in and out of sleep, me getting up every few minutes to put her back on the mattress and finally putting the beanbag chair (covered with a blanket) next to her so if she started to roll out she'd 1- hit the bag and 2- the noise of the beans would wake me from my half-sleep.

She's doing better this morning but running a low grade fever and not interested in food. Sounds like what Brianna did 2 days ago... and Micah a week before that. Kristopher is the only kid to have avoided it so far, praying he continues to stay well! And please pray that I don't catch it... this is the third kid with the same virus that I've been snuggling up and cleaning up puke from in the last week and with the lack of sleep along with that I just don't think I'm as 'clear' as I should be.

Mike has been a great help- I knew one of us would have to deal with all of the healthy kids this morning so I didn't wake him up last night but he got up with all of them this morning and got them all breakfast. He's at the park with them now since they're doing a festival for kids today which we'd all hoped to go to. I'm going to grab a bite to eat and see if I can get Emma to lay down for a bit so I can too.

On the up side, I'm learning a lot more signs this week... I've watched a few of these videos probably 20+ times because I wanted to have something for the girls to watch and it will auto-restart the newer ones of the series... so I've been rotating through them for the last 48+ hours! The kids don't ever get to have the TV on this much!!

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  1. Glad Mike was home and it was a weekend. Hope little Emma feels better and you don't get it or Kristopher. Mom