Saturday, April 04, 2009

6 loads down

2 in progress, at least 2 more to go. The joys of sickness... LOTS of laundry! The dishes, however, have not been touched since my mom came over to help save my sanity yesterday morning. She stayed just long enough for me to take a shower, bathe Emma and Micah and get them dressed, get Brianna dressed (she'd had a bath after the last puke attack the night before), and get all the kids' lunches ready and together we rinsed and loaded the dishwasher. It was a blessing since Brianna didn't want to be put down and of course none of the other kids understood and we'd already been 24 hours into this. And things like making lunch aren't really an 'option'.

Yes, sometimes having 4 little ones is difficult... and sometimes the kids have to sacrifice for each other. And sometimes mom doesn't get a shower or get dressed until the kids are all napping. For that matter, sometimes when someone else is sick the kids might just nap in their PJs too! And sometimes the days are long and when help is offered even if it's just an hour... it is a relief.

I'm glad the laundry monster is nearing completion. Of course you should see the MOUNTAIN of laundry that this has produced in my laundry room including 3 huge heaping laundry baskets with 2 loads each in them at the moment and more to come. The 3 kids are about to go down and the couch will become the folding and sorting zone...

Mike took Kristopher to attend Palm Sunday (um... kinda, since it's Saturday) service tonight and I kept the three little guys home. Emma seems to be doing better- still a low grade fever but she hasn't thrown up since the early morning and has had several bottles of gatorade as well as a yogurt at dinner time. Here's hoping this is the last of it!!

I hope to have pic's soon of the kids' day at the park... if Mike took any! He did bring the camera along tho- so that's at least a step in the right direction. It sounds like they had fun. Emma was asleep in her crib and I crawled in to my own bed around 12:30 and I have no idea when they came in. I had a monitor which I gladly gave up to Mike when they got home and I slept until 3:30! I guess that might make up for just a bit of the missed sleep last night :)

Off to tuck in cuties and attack the laundry mountain!

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  1. heres hoping you are over the sickies! its so hard on little ones when they are sick and hard on us moms too! hang in there!