Friday, April 03, 2009

What I did while I was sick...

and I was supposed to be sleeping last night!!

Made Baby dance then put her to bed...

003 005

Today I colored on my Magnadoodle in the morning and tried out my new potty seat!

006 008

Can you tell I was feeling better in the evening?

And here's what Emma was getting in to while Mom introduced me to the new tiny potty chair...

009 012010 

She figured out how to stand up at the planters!  AND... she made a mess of herself and dug some of that good black (imported) dirt out onto the tile.  She had fun though!!

(I guess Mommy can't leave the sliders open and take her eye off us for even a minute now... after all, we were all in the playroom together just a minute earlier!)


  1. Hey Meredith, at least she is figuring out how to pull up...and she wants to right?? Who wouldhave ever thought :)

  2. but she's such a CUTE mess!!! Love that whispy blonde hair :)