Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today I

put kids in and out of carseats a total of 46 times (I think...). Before 1:30pm.

Mike is sick. He has a stomach virus that I hope and pray is not an actual flu (kids all got flu shots, but...). My mom just got back late last night from a trip to California to celebrate her brother's 70th Birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle Walt!! So she was in bed a bit longer than usual. She generally comes to the house on Wednesday mornings and keeps Micah and Emma for me to drop of Brianna at school. Mike usually brings Kristopher to school and today was supposed to pick him up. I have my parents' carseat for Kristopher, so they couldn't even pick K up from school in the afternoon for me.

So... a very unusual day for me... but I took all 4 kids to Brianna's school, got all 4 out, dropped her off, got 3 back in. Took the remaining 3 to Kristopher's school (we were late, drop off is the same for both schools), got them out, put 2 back in, came home. Took 2 kids out of the car, inside for a little bit, then both back in the car. Then Emma had her first ever school therapies today. So 2 kids out at the school and back in 30 min later to go get Brianna. 2 kids out at her school, 3 kids back in. Then back up to Emma's school, 3 kids out of the car, drop of Emma. 2 kids back in the car, drive to K's school, DRIVE THROUGH to pick him up :) :) :), and back to E's school and 3 kids out of the car. When she finished, 4 kids in the car then when we got home 4 kids out. WHEW! I got my workout today!!!

Now we're home the rest of today. Our ST comes tonight to work with E and M for an hour but that's it... Emma is enjoying having the playroom to herself and Kristopher is working on his carseat buckles to perfect the use of them while watching Robin Hood.

And Daddy is still sick :(

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  1. Oh man....I HATE the in and out carseat thing. I used to count how many times a day I do it (on a normal routine day), but I stopped counting because it got too depressing. The day that Nolan could buckle himself in was the greatest!!! Now if I could only get Kaia to do it. She climbs in her self and gets the belts on, but just can't quite do the buckles yet.